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Are Quality Blinds Worth the Expense?

Attractive and functional, it’s little wonder that blinds are a popular choice in homes in Ballina and across the coastal region.

Almost always, a key consideration for property owners is the cost of window furnishings. Are quality blinds worth the extra expense?

Here are five reasons why we believe that investing in quality blinds in Ballina ensures you end up with a premium look and function that you need for your home.


Like everything else in life, when it comes to blinds, you get what you pay for.

A more expensive blind benefits from premium materials and exceptional build quality.

Fabrics will be resistant to damage from UV light, as well as designed to withstand damp and temperature fluctuations.

Coupled with a tough operating mechanism, the result is a blind that won’t just last for many years, but will also keep working well and looking good. Also having custom-built blinds also provides more life span as you can choose from wide options of the best and most durable material you want to use for your blinds.

Better performance

Higher quality blinds tend to offer better performance when it comes to properties such as light reduction, thermal or acoustic insulation.

A premium blackout blind, for example, will be constructed from densely woven material that really does cut out the light.

Similarly, a blind designed for thermal insulation will form an effective barrier against the outside weather conditions, minimising its effect on your interior environment.

Quality appearance

Quality blinds are created using top-grade dye pigments and pattern printing methods.

This results in strong, beautiful colours and clear, vibrant designs that are beautifully executed. Similarly, fixings and operating mechanisms are constructed to complement the blind whilst providing smooth, reliable operation.

If you want to invest in a window dressing that can form a stunning accent in your interior space, a quality blind is worth every cent. Quality blinds can also maintain their beautiful appearance for years , with proper cleaning and maintenance.

More sustainable materials

Unfortunately, cheap blinds aren’t always sourced ethically using sustainable materials.

The benefit of a premium blind is that manufacturers are prepared to use environmentally friendly, sustainable materials that are kind to the planet as well as perfect for creating premium blind products.

It’s also important to recognise that quality blinds can be made using non-toxic dyes and materials – an important consideration if children live in your household.

Superior operating mechanisms

To get the best from your blind, it’s essential that the operating mechanism is smooth and easy to use.

A quality blind benefits from a hi-tech, well-constructed operating mechanism, minimising the risk of the blind sticking or being difficult to move.

Given that many people alter the positioning of their blind several times a day, easy operation is an essential feature of any blind.

Quality blind mechanisms also incorporate safety mechanisms that ensure they can be used safely in households where there are younger children.

Whilst a cheap blind can be useful for short-term use, or in a rental property where there is likely to be high levels of wear and tear, in most circumstances carefully chosen quality blinds are going to be the most cost-effective choice over the longer term.

These are some benefits of investing in custom blinds. To know more and get professional suggestions on what colour of blinds is right for your modern style home or what type of blind is better for your big spaces, please call us at
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We can assist you in designing and creating blinds that will suit your lifestyle and space.