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Ziptrak External Blinds — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

Stylish, Durable & Functional.

At Timber-Tec, we supply and install a huge range of outdoor awnings from leading brand, Ziptrak®. We choose Ziptrak® as our exclusive awnings supplier because we believe they are the best.

The beautiful thing about our awnings is that they connect your outdoor and indoor space, making it an ideal entertaining space. Turn your outdoor area into a secluded and harmonious space that is protected all year round from the elements. That means no cancellations due to rain. You can have friends and family around anytime, regardless of what the forecast is. From our Ballina headquarters, we service the Gold Coast and Far North Coast; including Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Lismore, Yamba and Lennox Head.

Ziptrak Awnings — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

Benefits of our Ziptrak® outdoor awnings include:

At Timber-Tec, we provide a fast and efficient awnings installation. And because it has no ropes, pullies or chains, it’s safe and easy to operate. The awnings easily glide up and down, and can be stopped wherever you see fit. There is also a huge range of colour options available to match your home’s exterior.  Enhance your outdoor space today with a Ziptrak® awning from Timber-Tec.

Awning Over Balcony Terrace

Affordable And Efficient Awnings Installations In Ballina.

Whether you’re wanting to capitalise on colour and style or you’re looking for an awning that’s durable and long-lasting, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to installing your awnings, we’ll start by performing a house inspection to offer expert guidance on the right solution for you. This approach also means that we’re able to provide accurate advice and quotes.

We will consider all possibilities, assessing each customer on a case-by-case basis. In doing so, you can rest assured that you will receive a bespoke service tailored to your specific requirements.

Central positioning, levelling, and lateral and vertical axis will be taken into account to ensure that your awning operates effectively.

Timber-Tec is a professional windows covering company in Ballina that carries out all jobs with the utmost care for your space. We will always tidy up any mess and make sure that surrounding objects are returned to their rightful place in your home.

Experiencing problems with your awning? No worries, we provide 5-year warranties on all installations.

A Blue Awning

A Wide Range Of Customisable Designs.

For residential customers, we’re aware that style and design play a huge role in decision-making.

All Ziptrak® awnings have a contemporary aluminium cassette for a sleek and stylish finish. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours to complement your interior decor.

For a minimalist aesthetic, why not consider classic cream or paperback colours that retain a muted but incredibly sleek feel to your home? Alternatively, if you’re someone who wants to wow their dinner guests with your new outdoor space, consider pale eucalyptus or deep ocean blues.

There is something for everyone with Timber-Tec’s highly customisable awning options! Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Installation of an outdoor awning

Ziptrak® Technology.

Ziptrak® builds its products with durability in mind. Their exterior hardware and functional mechanisms mean that these awnings are able to cope with extreme weather conditions.

The brand has spent several years since its initial launch perfecting its original designs to provide modern-day awnings that combine form and function.

Ziptrak® awnings come with specialist tracks on each side which allow the fabric to glide smoothly. There is also a lock function that will secure your awnings against Ballina’s high winds.

With high PVC protection and hi-tech solar fabrics, you can rest assured that your Ziptrak® awnings are meant to last!

Why Choose Us?.

Timber-Tec always keeps customer satisfaction in mind when it comes to awning installations. We endeavour to achieve top-quality results that establish a reputable image amongst customers.

It’s not enough to simply tell our customers about our top quality service, so when you choose our family-owned business, rest assured you’re getting:

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 5-year warranty on installations
  • A bespoke service
  • High-quality products

For expert knowledge and advice on all awning installations in Ballina, contact Timber-Tec today on 1300 212 600 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions.

On average, awnings can last from 5 to 15 years, depending on the quality of the fabric. Regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to extend the life of awnings.

Rainproof awnings must be angled downward between 5 to 15 degrees. With a downward angle, rainwater flows downward and does not accumulate in the middle of the awning.

Non-permanent awnings, or those that can be easily mounted and de-mounted, typically don’t require Council approval. On the other hand, permanent awnings generally require Council approval that varies from one area to another. Check with your local Council for specific conditions.

Ziptrak Awnings — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW