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Stylish & Durable Shutters.

Norman Australia is one of the finest internal shutter brands in the world. At Timber-Tec, you can choose from our line-up of Norman Australia timber shutters for your home, office or business. From our Ballina headquarters, we service the Gold Coast and Far North Coast; including Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Lismore, Yamba and Lennox Head.


Enjoy exceptional durability and style with our Woodlore shutters from Norman Australia.
Proven safe for health and the environment, it’s the number one choice among homeowners worldwide. Made from eco-friendly engineered wood composite (EWC), its key benefits include:
Two Chairs Beside Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
White Shutter Beside Table With Plants — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
Woodlore comes with a built-in easy tilt drive system that lets you adjust the louvres without using a tilt rod. This gives your window shutters a clean, minimalist look.

You can choose from 9 modern white and earthy colours such as:

You also have 5 louvre size options:

Woodlore Plus.

Get more out of Woodlore Plus with its advanced strength, wider panels and more colour options.

Its louvres are made from hard materials used in high-endurance products like car parts, appliances and helmets while the frames, rails and stiles are composed of EWC. Together, they give you shutters with exceptional durability.

Black And White Chairs — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
White Bathroom Bypass — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

The Plus version has wide panels that can cover large windows and 27 colour options to choose from:

You can select your louvres from five different sizes, namely:

It also features the rod-less easy tilt drive system for a clean and minimalist look.

Woodlore Plus Waterproof.

If you want to install internal shutters for water-exposed areas like laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, you can opt for Woodlore Plus Waterproof.

It’s made with water-resistant panels and frames so your shutters will not rust, fade or corrode. Crafted from lightweight and hard-wearing materials, it’s perfect for busy families where knocks and bumps are likely to occur.

It’s also ideal for rooms that require 24/7 ventilation. Because it can keep rain and moist air out, you do not have to worry about leaving windows open all the time.

Shutter And Tub — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

We offer 26 colour options you can choose from:

You can select your louvres from five different sizes, namely:

Like the Regular and Plus versions, it has the easy tilt drive feature for a clean and elegant look.


If you are looking for high-quality and budget-friendly internal timber shutters, our Brightwood model from Norman Australia is perfect for you.

It’s the ideal entry-level shutter that gives you more layout configuration options.

Key benefits of choosing Brightwood include:

White Shutter With Gray Chair — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
Scenic View And Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

You can choose from 28 colour options:

You can purchase and install Brightwood timber shutters in 5 louvre sizes:


Enjoy excellent insulation, stylish looks and durability with our Normandy stained timber shutters from Norman Australia. Made from 100% premium Phoenix Wood, its rich, natural grain exhibits character and depth for a naturally elegant look. It also goes through several hand sanding and finishing processes for a remarkably-crafted furniture polish.

An invisible easy tilt drive feature also gives you clean and modern looking shutters. You can adjust the louvres’ tilt without the visual clutter of a visible tilt rod.

More than just a naturally elegant look, you also get long-lasting shutters. Phoenix Wood has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the industry, giving you remarkably durable shutters.

Wooden Door Shutters — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
Gray Chair Beside Wooden Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
Normandy shutters also come with the easy tilt drive option. This rod-less louvre adjustment mechanism gives it a clean and elegant look.

You can choose from a variety of shapes, options, colours and stains. We offer 27 different colour options:

White Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

We also offer 25 colour stain options:

Experience more open views and installation options with Normandy internal shutters. With wider panels measuring at 1.09 meters, you have the option to use fewer panels for wide windows.

When it comes to louvre sizes, we provide 5 options:

Give your windows an elegant look with our durable and eco-friendly timber shutters. Norman Australia acquires Normandy’s Phoenix Wood materials in sustainable ways from well-managed tree plantations and hardwood forests.


Enjoy the world’s finest timber shutter with our Ultra model from Norman Australia. With 30% more paint and 2x more hand sanding, you get the ultimate, adjustable satin finish.

Its invisible easy tilt feature lets you adjust the louvres without a rod and achieve a contemporary look for your window.

Our Ultra shutters use the toughest shutter hinge in the market today—the Ultra hinge. Combined with higher wood content, you can enjoy shutters that look great and perform well for a lifetime.

Brown Shutters — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
Timber Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
You can choose from 27 stunning colours:

You can also choose from 25 stunning finishes:

When it comes to louvre sizes, you have 5 options to choose from:

Motorisation Shutters.

Take control of your shutters—all at the touch of a button. Whether you want to control a single shutter, a room, or every shutter throughout the home, our state-of-the-art motorised shutters is luxury meets convenience.

Using an iPhone or iPad, you can track battery power via the PefectTilt™ app. You can also change tilt methods automatically with an auto switch feature. It’s simple, user-friendly, and with no extra switches or steps required. 

Each shutter Timber-Tec install also comes with a solar panel to help boost its battery life. You can also have extra child and pet safety added with a built-in sensor that stops rotation when required. 

White Window Shutter With Brown Chair — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
White American Shutter — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW


Frequently Asked Questions.

Choose an interior shutter that complements your window’s shape and style. The great thing about shutters is they are versatile coverings that can be fitted to different windows with different layouts. Other than aesthetics, make sure that your shutters are made from durable, quality materials that can stand the test of time. To help you choose the best internal shutters for your home, contact Timber-Tec team.

The best way to clean them is by using small brushes or cloths and a vacuum to remove dust and stains. Use a vacuum first, then a soft dusting cloth to wipe the dust in between louvres. If there are stains, use a wet soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution to gently scrub them off. Do not forget to dry wet areas to avoid staining the louvres. Our team are experts in interior shutters so be assured that they will provide you the best tips to how to maintain your shutters clean. 

Paints only coat the surface of the shutter and as such can be stripped off and changed with little or no damage to the shutter. On the other hand, stains penetrate the shutter’s body and are part of the shutter’s material. That’s why a shutter’s stain is permanent while its paint is temporary.

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