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Modernise Your Home!

Are you building, renovating or simply looking to modernise your home?

Unsure what window coverings will complement your new style? Let us help you out! At Timber-Tec we know our stuff when it comes to blinds and shutters. For more than 20 years, we’ve customised, supplied and installed coverings for customers throughout Byron Bay; from Suffolk Park to Ewingsdale.

We Guarantee our Work

Since we started in 1999, we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go, so we’re well placed to help you create the modern look and feel your home deserves.

We have a great range of blinds, shades, awnings and shutters—including hardwood louvres and plantation shutters. What’s more, all our installations come with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind. Visit our showroom in Ballina today for our latest styles or organise a free measure and get a quote today!

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We supply Norman Australia timber shutters for homes in Byron Bay, including Woodlore, Brightwood and Normandy ranges. Can’t be bothered to get up? We can also fit motorised shutters.

Control your home’s privacy, light and airflow with external shutters. Made in Australia from aluminium, they’re designed to survive Byron Bay’s harsh sunny climate and UV exposure.

We supply and install the latest outdoor awnings from Ziptrak®. They’re weather-resistant and will keep the mozzies away – so you can enjoy the Byron Bay sunset in peace!

We supply the latest in hardwood venetian and fabric blinds to suit the style of your Byron Bay home. Use them on their own or combine with plantation shutters for maximum impact!

Our Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades come in 500 different fabric options, 5 cell sizes and a range of lifting systems in Byron Bay. We can make them child safe or motorised, depending on who’s around!

Check out our insta-worthy gallery of past projects. Get a visual idea of how a new set of venetians or plantations could bring your Byron Bay home to life. You’ll be amazed!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Aluminum shutters are generally considered better than PVC in most aspects including:
  • Strength & Stability – Aluminum is a stronger material, allowing for minimal deflection in larger blades.
  • Lifespan – Exposure to UV degrades PVC over time, leading to warping and a short working life, particularly in our area.
  • Paint Quality – When PVC is exposed to the elements, peeling and delamination is a common outcome. Not a problem with aluminum.
  • Non-Toxic – PVC can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which aren’t present in aluminum.
Check out our range of external shutters available in both aluminum and timber.

Venetian Blinds do block out light, but not entirely. Due to the formation of slats, light can seep through, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s just a matter of what you want for your room. 

If a room is inherently dark, because of its location, outside shade or the choice of paint – a blind that lets a little light in could be a great option! If keeping the room as dark as possible is a priority, in an East-facing bedroom for instance, then a fabric blind could be a more suitable option. 

At Timber-Tec we have a range of material blinds available with varying degrees of opaqueness to keep the light out!

With Byron Bay being on the coast, it’s possible your home might be subject to salt exposure, which could lead to invisible damage that builds up over time. 

This build-up could impact your blinds’ chain or cord, significantly lessening the lifespan of your shutters and blinds – possibly by several years if you aren’t careful.

To effectively combat this, clean your blinds regularly and conduct cursory inspections to check for salt. Picking the right finish for your shutters helps to prevent this damage in the first place, and we recommend aluminium due to its anti-corrosive properties. 

This allows your shutters and blinds to easily resist the damaging effects of salt.

At Timber-Tec, we can travel to your home and help you pick the right blinds or shutters by providing a sample of the products you’re interested in. 

This allows you to get a closer look at our inventory – and see how certain blinds might match your home’s overall inside or outside aesthetic.

This helps you make an informed decision, as otherwise, you might decide after installation that you’d prefer a different material or colour. 

The sooner we can help you figure out the shutters and blinds that fit your home, the sooner we can make sure you get the window furnishing that you’ve been looking for.

We can also offer straightforward consultancies either at your home or in our showroom where we inform you about the various products we have available – and give our own recommendations. 

If you’re visiting us at our showroom, bring pictures of your home, so we can help you figure out the best blind or shutter option.

By working alongside our clients, listening to their ideas, and offering our own feedback, we give advice that’s sure to improve their home by helping them select the right coverings for their windows. 

Our experienced and professional team can go over various colour and material options to find one that suits your Byron Bay home.

Many people in Byron Bay choose shutters over blinds on account of their ability to block out more light, while offering more control to the homeowner. 

You might live somewhere that faces intense glare at many points in the day – and it’s entirely possible that blinds could still let light in, depending on how you face the sun.

Investing in shutters could be exactly what you need to help your home escape the bright summer rays – these might make Byron Bay special, but this same brightness may still get in the way. 

Their excellent combination of privacy and light control also allows you to easily filter out tourists, or just guarantee peace and quiet.

Shutters and blinds could easily add value to your home, helping you to impress potential viewers if you decide to sell it. 

The Byron Bay property market is very competitive, and high-quality window coverings with the usual benefits can help your home stand out amongst the crowd, offering great privacy and ambience.

If your shutters and blinds blend well with the home’s aesthetic, you might see an even greater return on your investment, and a greater property value. 

This emphasises the importance of making the right decision – so be sure to get in touch with us, so we can begin a consultation, and help you figure out the right approach.

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