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Brown Window Blinds — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW

Premium-Quality Blinds.

At Timber-Tec, we supply and install a wide range of high-quality blinds for clients throughout Ballina and surrounding areas.

Venetian Blinds – SmartPrivacy Normandy Wood Blinds are made from 100% real hardwood harvested from eco-friendly forest operations.

For Normandy Wood Blinds, we utilise the same premium hardwood found in Normandy Wood Shutters, which are meant to last a lifetime. Selected for its distinctive grain, resilience, and sustainable characteristics, not only are Normandy Wood Blinds eco-friendly and quality-built, they offer the best features available for blinds.

From our Ballina headquarters, we service the Gold Coast and Far North Coast; including Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Lismore, Yamba and Lennox Head.

Fabric Blinds – We also have a great range of fabric Roller blinds, panel glides & Roman blinds. Fabric blinds are great for heat and light protection, our smooth operating classic chain operated Roller Blinds are available in a selection of weaves and textures. There is a stunning versatility to our fabric collection which will add glamour to any interior, with full privacy/block out options. Roller Blinds complement Plantation shutters, and can be a great solution. We have a vast range of colours and textiles to choose from including sheers, opaques and sunscreens.

Blinds — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW
White Window Blinds — Timber Tec Shutters In Ballina, NSW


At Timber-Tec, we are proud to provide blinds that are suited for everyone. Our blinds are stylish, easy to use, come in a range of cool features and—most importantly—are safe for children and pets. Contact us today to get the best blinds for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Blinds are made up of many horizontal or vertical slats that can be moved or adjusted to control the amount of light that enters a room. Often, they’re made of vinyl, wood or metal.

On the other hand, shades are normally made from a large sheet of fabric. They can only be raised or lowered to control the amount of outside light coming in.

For more information, you can contact our team experts in window coverings to get the best suggestions.

It will depend on your budget and personal preferences such as:

  • Cleaning methods
  • Level of privacy
  • Light control
  • Desired look & style
  • Child-safety, especially with cords

Blinds sold in large hardware stores come in standard sizes. While these are usually cheaper than custom-fit blinds, they require a lot of work to install. You will need to measure your windows, cut the blinds to the right width and length and install them.

Timber Norman Blinds installed in a living space in Ballina