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Top Five Benefits Of Ordering Quality Custom Blinds

Are you thinking of ordering quality custom blinds?

Read this first! Investing in quality blinds isn’t just a great option if you want an attractive window dressing that can be tailored to fit well with any interior palette.

It’s also a way to optimise the impact a window dressing can make on energy efficiency, privacy, lighting and more. Read on to discover why so many households are choosing to invest in quality custom blinds.

An Exact Fit For Your Windows

One of the problems with pre-sized blinds is that they’re not always a perfect fit for your home. Pre-sized blinds come in a limited set of dimensions that correlate with popular, modern window sizes.

If you’ve got an older property or one that was built to your own specifications, you may not have got windows that match conventional blind sizes. In addition, properties with square windows, an arched window, skylights, or a bay window may also not be suitable for off-the-shelf blind options.

If you want blinds that fit correctly, no matter what type of window or door you’ve got, custom items are the way to go. When ordering custom blinds, you can also select the right colour for your blinds to match the aesthetics and concept of your home.

Incorporate Additional Insulation, Privacy Or Light Control To Your Blinds

Blinds don’t just look good, they also serve a number of functions in a property. Depending on the type of blind, you can expect:

  • Improved thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • A higher degree of privacy at the same time as enjoying good ventilation.
  • Variable light levels that can be controlled manually or remotely.
  • Blinds that can be fitted externally to protect your glass from severe weather.
  • Interior blinds that can cope with high levels of humidity.
  • Fire-retardant blinds.
  • UV-resistant blinds.

When you customise your blinds, you tell us what characteristics you want your blinds to have, and we’ll select a suitable material and design that fits your requirements.

Expert Installation

Installing blinds can be tricky, particularly if you’ve got tall, wide windows or windows that are located at height. Some of the blind control mechanisms can also be complex to install if you’re new to blind installation.

Using professional installation for your custom blinds ensures they’re securely fastened in the correct position. Professional installers use premium fixings, which means your blinds will stay in place for many years and they will also provide you tips and guides on what is the best type of blind for your home.

A professional installer will check each blind is fully functional and looks exactly as you envisaged. If you want a convenient, no-hassle blind solution, using professionals that source and fit your blinds is a good option.

A Long-Lasting Window Dressing

Custom blinds are made to a demanding build specification using high-grade materials and premium workmanship. The result is a robust, durable blind that’s made to a high standard.

A custom blind is designed to withstand challenging environments, remaining in immaculate condition even after years of hard use.

Although custom blinds cost a little more than off-the-shelf options, the added quality you get ensures they offer excellent value. Custom blinds will often outlast several sets of inferior blinds, with minimal maintenance or aftercare required.

Excellent Customer Care At Every Stage

If you’re ordering custom blinds, you can expect to receive an exceptional level of customer care at every stage of your experience.

From an individual consultation on your requirements through to individual measuring up, good communication whilst your blinds are sourced and friendly, professional installation, custom blind providers will always go the extra mile for their valued customers. In addition, in the event that you have any queries or need follow-up assistance, after-sales care from custom blind providers is prompt and helpful. We also provide guides on how to clean your custom blind to make sure that you can properly maintain it.

With so many benefits, it’s little surprise a growing number of people are enjoying the advantages that custom blinds can bring.

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