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Privacy with Light & airflow control.

At Timber-tec in Ballina, we help residential and commercial clients achieve light & airflow control in there outdoor areas, as well as providing privacy control and  enhanced security. Our aluminium shutters are top end quality, and manufactured strong to suit our harsh Australian environment. 100% Australian made, cyclone rated, innovative & industry leading configurations available for all your outdoor areas, and architectural needs. We can have our aluminium shutters powder coated to any Colorbond colour.

Aluminium Shutters.

Aluminium shutters are one of the most practical ways to protect your windows, enhance privacy and insulate your rooms. At Timber-Tec, we supply and install external aluminium shutters and fixed-blade aluminium shutters and use our trusted brand, Elipso.

Useful applications include:

With many applications, it’s no wonder that aluminium shutters comprise a third of our installations, most of which are outdoors.
Exterior shutters installed in a patio at a Ballina home
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Roller Shutters.

At Timber-Tec we work with Rollashield shutters. Rollashield shutters not only offer protection and a piece of mind, but also maintain and give a comfortable and eco-friendly environment for your home.  

They are manufactured in Australia and are an amazing, well known multi-functional product. Rollashield shutters are lightweight, but yet, extremely strong. The curtain area has aluminium skin injected with polyurethane foam – this adds insulation and strength qualities.


Features and benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions.

You must ensure your shutters are installed properly. Then, you must perform regular maintenance work like cleaning and lubrication to keep them in excellent condition for a long time.
It is advised to clean them at least twice a year or every 6 months. However, it will also depend on weather conditions, the presence of nearby trees and other relevant factors.

According to Energy Australia, you can save as much as $850 annually on energy costs with roller shutters. Roller shutters help insulate rooms from outside temperature so it makes conditioning units and heaters work less and consume less energy.

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