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Stylish & Quality Shading.

We supply and install honeycomb shades from Norman Australia that are child-safe and fire resistant.

Our Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades encompass award-winning designs, a range of exclusive options, with all elements constructed to industry-leading standards. Choose from almost 500 fabric options, 5 cell sizes and a broad range of lifting systems (child-safe cordless and motorised options included).

At Timber-Tec, our award-winning shading solutions include the Decoflex, SmartFit and Cordless Top-Down/Bottom Up. Whatever your lifestyle or lighting requirements, Portrait™ has a stylish and affordable solution. Choose a shading that looks, feels and performs differently to other window coverings.

Shading Solutions.

Norman Australia is one of the finest internal shutter brands in the world. At Timber-Tec, you can choose from our line-up of Norman Australia timber shutters for your home, office or business. From our Ballina headquarters, we service the Gold Coast and Far North Coast; including Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Lismore, Yamba and Lennox Head.


Experience a higher level of safety, with reduced light leakage and a sleeker design. The acclaimed system has top and bottom adjustments without any cords obstructing the middle. When closed, the SmartFit fabric stack minimises space, providing an enhanced viewing experience


The Smart Release makes lowering near effortless with its exclusive technology is designed to make lowering shades a breeze, even on larger windows. The shade glides to a closed position, smoothly and quietly with a single pull. The proprietary system ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience every time.

Light Guard

Designed to effectively block light from the sides of your window opening, Light Guard allows for exceptional insulation and protection at the margins. The ingenious light-blocking feature ensures comprehensive coverage from edge to edge, leaving no room for unwanted illumination.

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Deco Flex

The versatile solution that is perfect for rectangular windows and French doors, offering a seamless blend of style and functionality. With the Deco Flex, you can enjoy top down/bottom-up adjustment, while the frame ensures optimal control of light and privacy from all four sides

Day & Night Shades

Choose from two fabrics for ultimate versatility in look and light control. The Horizontal Honeycomb Day & Night is the perfect solution for mornings, nap time and entertaining, giving you more light control and privacy options to make every moment magical.

Specialty Shapes

Choose from the extensive collection of specialty shapes, designed to offer a full cellular solution. Elevate your space with a variety of options, including arches, quarter rounds, triangles, and more. They guarantee superior quality and stylish design, even for the most demanding applications.

Paladian Shelf

With the inclusion of Palladian shelves, you can elegantly divide the curved top section from the squared bottom part of the window, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space. Experience the seamless integration of form and function with our innovative window treatment solution.

Discover SmartDrape.

Design In Mind

Designed to give you the most out of your space, SmartDrape are in style with an on-trend colour collection. The high-end colours of the headrail and clips raise the standard to block light.

Easy Operation

Changing the setting of your SmartDrape’s with a simple rotation. Go from a light sheer view to a solid fabric with a twist of the wand. Slide the wand across the shade to open or close the vanes.

Walk through Vane

With SmartDrape’s, say goodbye to the barrier between your home and the outdoors. The unique individual vane construction opens up your home to the outside again, allowing you to walk through the shade whether it’s opened or closed.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Honeycomb shades are made from a large sheet of fabric. Manufacturers roll the fabric up or fold it along its pleats to create multiple-layered shades.

R-Value refers to a material’s ability to resist heat energy transfers. A high R-Value means low heat energy passes through the fabric and therefore, excellent insulation. A low R-Value means high amounts of heat energy flow through a material, which indicates poor insulation.

Honeycomb shades block natural airflow to and from outside the room, preventing outdoor heat from transferring indoors and by reducing outside radiation that enters the room. To know more about honeycomb shades, contact our experts.