Choosing the right colour for your blinds isn’t always as easy as it might seem to be at first. The colour that you originally had your heart set on might not suit your existing decor.

The colours that you do end up choosing are going to have a big impact on the look and feel of your home, so choosing the right colours is an important step in the decision process.

Read on for further advice on how to choose the right colour for your blinds for your home and decor.

Natural brown timber blinds at a home in Ballina

1. Keep it consistent

While each room is going to have its own look and feel, keeping the colours and style of your blinds consistent is going to likely be the best option.

Choosing too many different or contrasting colours is going to end up feeling way too busy and chaotic.

Consider choosing one colour of blinds for your home to create a feeling of continuity and flow.

If you’re adamant that you don’t want the exact same colour throughout your home you can also try slight shade variations of the same colour to make each room unique but still help it flow seamlessly.

2. Think about lighting

The colour of your blinds can make a huge difference in how bright or calming your home ends up looking and feeling. 

Generally speaking, the lighter your blinds, the brighter your room will appear to be. How bright you want a room to appear should always be considered when choosing your colours. 

In rooms where you might not want as much light, like the bedroom, you can consider opting for darker blinds to help keep the atmosphere calming.

3. Consider being bold

Many people will opt for a neutral palette, however, bold colours can be stunning when paired with the right decor. Modern contemporary homes that are often decorated in neutral tones are particularly great for integrating bold colours with your blinds.

Bold coloured blinds are the perfect way to create statement accents throughout your room without being overpowering. Getting bold colours on your quality custom blinds is worth the investment.


4. Match your window trim or molding

If you want a fail-safe way to make sure your blinds fit into your home, you can also consider matching your blinds to your window trim or molding. Or you can order quality custom blinds that fit the color and the theme of your home.

Often your trim will be white or off white, but whatever colour it is, matching your blinds will help them blend in and not clash with your decor.

This is the perfect colour option if you don’t want your blinds or windows to be the focal point of your room and is a sure way to guarantee that your classic blinds won’t go out of style anytime soon.

5. Coordinate with your wall colour

Finally, you can consider matching your blinds to your wall colour, this is a fantastic style statement that creates a gorgeous contemporary feel in your home.

This is especially true if your walls are bold colours with neutral window trim or molding colours. You can also consider choosing blinds that are a few shades lighter to create a palette of similar colours that won’t clash.

When your blinds are the same or similar in colour to your walls a cohesive look is created that is clean and neat. 

Choosing the correct blinds for your home is a task that must be addressed because it may affect the value of your home. If you want get professional suggestions on choosing the right colour for your blinds , you can reach Timber Tec, an expert on blinds, shutters and awnings on the Ballina.

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