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The Benefits Of Ordering Custom Luxaflex Shutters

Luxaflex is one of the world’s leading names when it comes to made to measure shutters and blinds. Recognised across the world for their exceptional products, custom shutters from the Australian brand are a fantastic way to update the exterior of your home, and these shutters also increase the value of your home. In this post, we look at the benefits of ordering custom Luxaflex shutters for your home’s exterior.

Improved insulation

A valuable advantage that comes with Luxaflex exterior shutters is improved insulation. These shutters are designed to close tightly into the frame, keeping heat trapped inside. This leads to another excellent benefit – better insulation means you’re likely to save more on your energy bills because you won’t be using your heating or air conditioning system as much. This makes Luxaflex shutters a great choice if you’re aiming to be more energy efficient at home.

Superior design

The outstanding insulation offered by Luxaflex shutters is down to their leading design. Custom shutters are made according to your window’s specifications, meaning they’re perfectly sized even for unusual windows. The superior design of these shutters also means that they function smoothly; they’re easy to operate and, when closed, form a tight seal that locks out noise and light, giving you total privacy. That’s why it was one of the top shutter styles that has been known for their flexible and luxurious designs.

Extensive choice

Whatever the design of your home or your personal tastes, you can find custom Luxaflex exterior shutters to suit you. The brand offers a variety of shutter designs and a choice of colours so you can find the style that best complements your home and meets your needs. Luxaflex shutter frames can also be personalised with a choice of different sizes, giving you exactly the shutters you need.

Easy to clean

It’s natural that exterior shutters may attract dirt or debris over time. A benefit of choosing Luxaflex shutters is that they’re durable enough to stand up to Australian weather conditions, but are also easy to clean. Dust or dirt can easily be removed simply with soap and water. Luxaflex uses stainless steel hinges for their shutters, meaning you don’t need to worry about these parts rusting over time when they’re exposed to the elements.

Safe for children and pets

Safety is always a big concern if you have pets or small children at home. Luxaflex shutters are a fantastic choice for safety-conscious homeowners – their shutters don’t use any chains or cords so they won’t present any risk to children or animals. The shutters feature louvres that are easy to operate without the need for hazardous dangling cords.

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