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Plantation Shutters Vs Blinds: Our Advice

Plantation shutters and blinds are both excellent options when you are looking to control interior lighting and privacy. They look very different, however, so it’s worth considering what option best suits your needs.

The option that you choose can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and feel of your home, so it is worthwhile to consider your options carefully.

In this article, we’re going to offer our advice on how to decide between plantation shutters and blinds for your home.

We will discuss the important things to factor into your decision, such as interior design, pricing and placement around the home. We will also delve into the benefits of plantation shutters and blinds to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your options.

The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a type of solid window covering that features different sizes of louvre. They offer a stylised, distinguished and classic look that can work well with a number of interior and exterior designs. There are many benefits associated with using custom designed plantation shutters on your property, not just light control.

They are versatile and can be mounted either inside or outside of the window frame depending on your needs. You can use an outside mount for smaller rooms if you want to make a space feel bigger, and for larger rooms, you can mount internally. Shutters has also

Plantation shutters blend in well with existing aesthetics and design choices around the home because they are so versatile and simple. They look fantastic when treated with a wooden finish or a neutral colour like white or beige. They look equally stunning as a contrast piece, so you can use bright colours to open the room up and give it your own personal touch. Shutters also increases the value of your home and add a lot of stylish appeal to your house .

Another benefit associated with plantation shutters is that they are really easy to maintain and clean. This is especially true if you have opted for large louvres which are even easier to clean. Also the top shutter styles are designed to make it easier to maintain and clean.

The Benefits Of Installing Blinds

Blinds are a classic option and are well known for fitting well into a variety of styles. Blinds are an excellent way to regulate the temperature and light around the home and they fit into a wide selection of window types. The design of blinds is very utilitarian and allows for them to fit into all different kinds of interior design options ranging from classic to contemporary. Also having blinds with fantastic colour and design creates a gorgeous and luxurious feel in your home.

Blinds can come in a variety of materials, which makes them even more versatile. You can opt for a natural wooden blind option if your interior design features earthy, neutral tones. You might want to consider aluminium or PVC blinds if you are going for a modern look. Either way, you have the choice to create the perfect blinds that fit your tastes thanks to their versatility.

Blinds over plantation shutters also tend to be a preferable option in smaller rooms. Blinds are perfectly suited for smaller areas around the home as they snugly fit into window frames, and they can be matched with curtains to make a room feel even cosier.

Our Advice On Choosing Between Plantation Shutters Vs Blinds

No matter what option you go with, plantation shutters and blinds both provide a great deal of practicality and aesthetics to any property. We think that the biggest considerations should be where they will go in your home and how they will integrate into your existing space.

As discussed, blinds tend to work better in smaller rooms and plantation shutters look great in bigger rooms. Even then, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

We believe that they are both great choices for any home, and even the issues that we have touched on are far from absolute. If you’re still unsure about what to go with, you can always get in touch with our team at Timber Tec.

Our specialists are always happy to help when it comes to blinds, plantation shutters and other window coverings.