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Shutters & Blinds Vs Curtains

If you’re decorating your home, you may wonder what to do with your windows – are shutters, blinds or curtains a better solution?

At Timber-Tec we supply the finest shutters and blinds Ballina and the Northern Rivers has to offer.

We know that our top-quality shutters and blinds are the ideal choice for covering your windows and keeping the heat in or out of your home.

Here we run through a few reasons why shutters or blinds are a better choice than curtains for your home.

The perfect fit

One benefit of shutters over curtains is that they perfectly fit the dimensions of your windows.

Whether the window is particularly large or small, or even if it’s in an unusual shape, shutters are tailored for an exact fit down to the last millimetre, unlike curtains which could leave gaps and make your room look smaller.

Blinds are also measured to closely fit your window, but are best suited for windows in a standard shape. Both options give a more precise fit than curtains do. For these reasons, blinds and shutters much give more value for your home.

Good choices for efficiency

If you want the best insulation, either shutters or blinds are the right choice.

Because shutters are so closely tailored to your windows, they are fantastic at regulating temperature.

They also do a great job of deflecting the sun, helping to keep heat out of the room.

Blinds perform in a similar way to shutters but with less of a close fit against the window.

On the other hand, fabric curtains are much less efficient and leave a lot of space for unwanted air to get into your home.

Ultimately this could cause your energy bills to increase.

Superior light control

When you have curtains, the choices are to have them open or shut – either the room is full of light or there’s none at all, meaning you have to rely on electric lighting.

Again, this could push up the cost of your energy bills.

Shutters and blinds solve this problem by being fully adjustable. You can let in as much or as little light as you wish at anytime.

Similarly, shutters and blinds offer varying levels of privacy depending on how far you open them.

If it’s more important for you to have total privacy, our fabric blinds provide a full block out. This is a more reliable option than curtains, which can have gaps.

More resilience

Curtains aren’t a great choice for every home, particularly if you have children or pets around.

It’s easy for curtains to accidentally become damaged or stained.

Blinds and shutters are more durable than curtains and, with proper care, are likely to last much longer.

Cleaning blinds and shutters is less of a hassle too.

Making the right choice for your windows can be difficult. However, it’s clear that shutters and blinds offer multiple advantages over curtains and are a great window furnishing solution for any property.

If you’re ready to revitalise your home, contact Timber-Tec, to discuss the best quality shutters and blinds Ballina has available.