Summer is on the way, which means much warmer days for us here in Ballina. If you’re struggling to keep cool, have you considered custom retractable awnings for your property?

This extremely versatile product is great for creating that additional shade and protection when it’s needed. Not only can they be installed on windows of almost any shape or size, but they can also be used to cover outdoor space.

Once installed, they will provide many years of better comfort and protection for you and your home.

When they’re not needed, some styles retract into discreet aluminium cassettes, where they remain until required. Read on to find out more about the advantages that retractable awnings can bring to your home.

Improve Ventilation And Lighting

One of the key benefits of awnings is their ability to provide shade without blocking out all light and air. Awnings can be mounted over doorways and patio doors, enabling homeowners to keep their doors open to let in air and light whilst being protected from the sun’s rays. If you decide to opt for external awnings that cover windows, these can be lowered whilst the windows are open – again, this allows air to penetrate, without the heat from the sun.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Many homeowners discover that it’s possible to keep their home at a pleasant temperature using natural ventilation, provided the vulnerable parts of their property are protected from the sun. Some people find that they don’t need A/C once window awnings are deployed, as the temperature remains comfortable.

Awnings can be lowered during the hottest part of the day, blocking the sun’s rays from entering. This reduces the amount of heat entering the property, which means your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard. In some cases, it’s possible to achieve a marked reduction in fuel bills, simply by installing awnings and making sure they’re used diligently during the warmer hours of the day.

Use Your Outdoor Space

Provided there’s adequate shade, outdoors can be the perfect place to entertain, relax, dine or work. Installing a retractable awning over a patio can mean it’s usable throughout the warmer months. Awnings are made from material that blocks UV light, ensuring people can safely sit beneath them, protected from damaging sunlight. Whilst an awning doesn’t reduce the temperature of the outside air, the action of blocking UV light makes the environment beneath the awning feel more comfortable.

Enhance Your Privacy

Window awnings aren’t just helpful to block out the sun, they’re also a great option if you want more privacy. Deploying the awnings ensure that your home remains private from prying eyes – particularly if you’ve got the windows open, or don’t want to use interior drapes, awnings are a great privacy option.

Easy To Use

Retractable awnings can be operated in several different ways. Powered awnings are a popular option – these can unfurl or be retracted at the touch of a button. Particularly for people with limited strength or mobility, a powered awning can be a great option. More sophisticated options SMART awnings, which can be deployed remotely from a SMART phone – if you’re out at work, for example, you can deploy your awnings remotely, ensuring your property is beautifully shaded for your return.

Retractable awnings don’t need to be set up and dismantled each year. Once installed, they remain protected in their cassette until you need them. If you want dependable shade during the hotter months, retractable awnings are a fantastic option.

Contact the team at Timber-Tec to discover more about the selection of retractable awnings available and the added value installing them can bring to your home.